Spectacular Videos of Hawaii, Japan, China, Britain and America's National Parks plus language training technology

Stunning DVDs on 'Hawaii: Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island', 'Japan: Samurai, Geisha and Technology', 'China: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tibet', 'Britain: England, Scotland and Wales', 'America's National Parks' plus the amazing 'Diet of Japan'. Your one-stop guides to the world's great travel destinations, their rich cultures, best cities and stunning countryside.

"BRITAIN: England, Scotland and Wales"
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Now the magnificent beauty of Hawaii, Japan, China, Great Britain and America's National Parks are available on your TV or PC.  These videos are indexed so you can plan your tour.  The National Parks and the Hawaii DVDs show you the most spectacular sites in America, while the Japan, China and Britain DVDs reveal the unique cultures and history of  these stunning travel destinations. 

Also available is the most unbelievable software- "My PC Talks".  This technological marvel turns text into speech and lets the Web and your PC talk.  And it teaches you to speak six languages Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese and English ("My PC Talks" is not available in stores, for more info send email below). 

For additional info, email: MyPCTalks@hotmail.com

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