CHINA: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tibet

This amazing video covers the magnificent culture, history and beauty of China
. This is your one-stop guide to China one of the world's oldest civilizations and an extraordinary travel destination. And the videos are indexed so you can plan your tour.

Incredible Travel Planner -      Watch the videos and then plan a spectacular vacation. Even learn to speak some Mandarin.

CHINA: Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tibet

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Spectacular videos - You'll visit dramatic sites including the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City, where the emperor ruled the Middle Kingdom. Explore China's leading cities with their incredible shopping and nightlife. See Hong Kong from Victoria Peak, the famous Terracotta Warriors near Xi'an and the remarkable city of Shanghai, which has more skyscrapers than New York. See cute Pandas, explore China's vast countryside including beautiful Guilin and take a soul-searching trip to mysterious Tibet.

China – one of the world's top tourist destinations
- It has a treasure-chest of stunning historical sites, a rich culture, breathtaking scenery, and it's poised to assume a key role in the 21st century.

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