JAPAN: Samurai, Geisha and Technology

Now the magnificent beauty of Japan is available on your TV or PC.  This DVD includes amazing videos of Japan, a unique, intriguing country, which has incredible cities, castles, landscapes and hot springs.   The videos are indexed so you can plan your tour.

"JAPAN: Samurai, Geisha and Technology"
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Spectacular DVD videos - You'll see the breathtaking scenery of Mount Fuji and Miya-jima.  Explore Japan’s best castles, ski resorts, relaxing hot springs, beautiful gardens, and its unique culture – a land of kimonos, the tea ceremony, sushi, cherry blossoms, elegant Geisha and powerful Samurai.  Shop in Ginza; see Tokyo’s exciting nightlife, exquisite temples in Kyoto and Kamakura, Nikko’s shrines, plus wildlife such as “Snow Monkeys”.  Climb Mount Fuji and join in Japanese weddings and festivals.

Japan – A Unique Blend of the Past and Future
– You’ll see how Japan has developed the world’s best automobiles and consumer electronics and why it’s the ideal travel site for Americans.

Incredible Travel Planner
See the videos and then plan your trip to one of the world’s safest countries.

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